Belinda Carlisle - Runaway Horses (Remastered & Expanded) 2CD/DVD

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 Artist  Belinda Carlisle / The Go-Go's
 Title  Runaway Horses (Remastered & Expanded) 2CDs + DVD
 Region  IMPORT CD




3 Disc set Re-Mastered and Expanded with ALL the extras! NTSC DVD

 Track Listings
   Disc 1: Original album, plus 7 single mixes:
   Leave a Light On (4:38)
   Runaway Horses (4:43)
   Vision of You (4:41)
   Summer Rain (5:32)
   La Luna (4:45)
   (We Want) The Same Thing (3:59)
   Deep Deep Ocean (4:04)
   Valentine (5:04)
   Whatever It Takes (4:49)
   Shades of Michaelangelo (5:50)
   Leave a Light On (7") (4:15)
   La Luna (7") (4:12)
   Runaway Horses (Single Edit) (4:13)
   Vision of You (7" Edit) (4:11)
   (We Want) The Same Thing (Summer Remix) (4:16)
   Summer Rain (Single Remix) (4:12)
   Valentine (Remix Edit) (4:30)
   Disc 2: The Remixes
   (We Want) The Same Thing (Extended Summer Remix) (5:10)
   Leave a Light On (Extended Version) (8:06)
   La Luna (Extended Dance Mix) (6:46)
   Summer Rain (Justin Strauss Mix) (8:03)
   Leave a Light On (Kamikazee Mix) (4:42)
   (We Want) The Same Thing (All the Right Moves Mix) (3:55)
   La Luna (12" DUB) (6:31)
   Summer Rain (DUB Mix) (6:54)
   Vision of You (91 Remix) (4:08)
   La Luna (Acappella) (3:57)
   Disc 3: Promo videos, plus interview
  1. Leave a Light On (Music Video) DVD
  2. La Luna (Music Video) DVD
  3. Runaway Horses (Music Video) DVD
  4. Vision of You (Music Video) DVD
  5. (We Want) The Same Thing
  6. Summer Rain (Music Video) DVD
  7. Interview with Belinda about the album

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