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2014 collection.  Boyzone (Keith Duffy, Stephen Gately, Mikey Graham, Ronan Keating, and Shane Lynch) were the ultimate '90s boy band. Revisit the glory days of '90s Pop with this collection of hits, rarities and classic album tracks. Features studio, live and remixed versions of no fewer than 9 UK Chart Top 5 Hits.


  1. Love Me for a Reason
  2. No Matter What
  3. Baby Can I Hold You
  4. Isn't It a Wonder
  5. Father and Son [Live at Wembley] [Live]
  6. Picture of You
  7. Arms of Mary
  8. You Flew Away
  9. Coming Home Now [Steve Jervier Mix] 
  10. Different Beat [Live at Wembley] [Live]
  11. Don't Stop Looking for Love
  12. All the Time in the World
  13. Key to My Life [Unlocked Mix] 
  14. You Needed Me
  15. Melting Pot
  16. When All Is Said & Done
  17. One Kiss at a Time
  18. So They Told Me
  19. Love Is a Hurricane
  20. Can't Stop Me

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