Kylie Minogue - FEVER (Special Asian Edition) CD + VCD / Remixes (opened)

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2002 Special Asian Edition CD + VCD w/ REMIXES  housed in slip cover box  - 

Opened but still in original cellophane - disc have little to no marks. 


More More More / Love At First Sight / Can't get you out of my head /

Fever / Give it to me / Fragile / Come into my world / Dancefloor /

Love affair / Your Love / Burning Up


VCD: (note: the remixes will upload / play on your computer but we can not guarantee the videos will play being a VCD and that technology is out dated almost 20 yr later) 

Can't get you got of my head (K&M's Mindprint Mix) 6:52

In Your Eyes (Jean Jacques Smoothie Mix) 6:39

Spinning Around 

Boy (Non-album track)

Rendezvous At Sunset (Non-album Track)

(Enhanced videos on the VCD - if you computer will play them)

Can't Get you out of my head (video)

In Your Eyes  (video)

Spinning Around   (video)

 On A Night Like This (video)



$ 35.00

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