Martika - The Best Of - More Than You Know - CD (Used)

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Used 1997  CD in ex! condition- Collection of single versions, remixes and album versions.  Includes 3 songs written by Prince plus  a PRINCE remix

I Feel The earth Move (Single Version)

More Than you know (Single Version)

Toy Soldiers (Single Version)

Water (REMIX)

Martika's Kitche (Single Version)

Love...Thy will be done (Single Version)

Coloured Kisses (7" Edit)

Cross My Heart (Album Version)

Spirit (Album version)


Don't say U Love Me (Album Version)

More That you know (Dance Mix - part 1)

I Feel the earth move (CLUB MIX)

Toy Soldiers (Japanese version)

Love...Thy will be done (PRINCE MIX) 

$ 12.99

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