Frank Ocean ‎- Channel Orange - USED - DBL " Clear" 12" LP Vinyl Import

borderline MUSIC

Import - Double "Clear" 12" LP Vinyl - Only 1,000 Pressed - 2012

Note: Center Sticker crease on side B - Creases on front left bottom cover and back right bottom corner.  

VINYL never played - -arrived w/ the crease Housed in resealable sleeve.

A1. Start

A2. Thinkin Bout You

A3. Fertilizer

A4. Sierra Leone

A5. Sweet Life

A6. Not Just Money

B1. Super Rich Kids

B2. Pilot Jones

B3. Crack Rock

C1. Pyramids

C2. Lost

C3. White

D1. Monks

D2. Bad Religion

D3. Pink Matter

D4. Forrest Gump

D5. End 





$ 50.00

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