Amii Stewart - Hits: Remixed [Import] (Expanded Version UK) CD

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Digitally remastered and expanded 2016 edition of this 1985 remix collection from the R&B vocalist. Amii Stewart was riding high on the European singles charts in 1985, six years after she had scored her first #1 hit. On the back of this new success, former producer Barry Leng decided to issue a double A-Side single featuring “Knock On Wood” and “Light My Fire/137 Disco Heaven” in brand new 1985 remixes. The single was a huge success in the UK where it peaked at #7. Leng then set about creating a whole album of new mixes of his Amii Stewart productions which was released as The Hits in late 1985. This 2016 remastered reissue adds two bonus tracks plus liner notes.

  •  Knock on Wood (1985 Mix)
  •  You Really Touch My Heart (1985 Mix)
  •  137 Disco Heaven (1985 Mix)
  •  Paradise Bird (1985 Mix)
  •  My Guy, My Girl (1985 Mix)
  •  Light My Fire (1985 Mix)
  •  Only a Child in Your Eyes (1985 Mix)
  •  Step Into the Love Line (1985 Mix)
  •  Ash 48 (1985 Mix)
  •  Jealousy (1985 Mix)
  •  Knock on Wood/Ash 48 (1985 12" Extended Mix)
  •  Light My Fire/137 Disco Heaven (1985 12" Extended Mix)

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