Andy Bell - Electric Blue 2017 Deluxe Expanded Edition 3CD set (IMPORT)

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2017 Digitally remastered and expanded three CD edition. Electric Blue is the debut solo album release by Erasure frontman Andy Bell. Originally released in October 2005 on Sanctuary Records, the album includes the hit single 'Crazy' plus follow up 'I'll Never Fall In Love', as well as duets with Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters) and Claudia Brücken (Propaganda/Act).

The deluxe version of the album features 45 tracks and over 200 minutes of music, plus includes unreleased material, as well as updated 2017 remixes by Manhattan Clique. It also contains a brand new continuous 45 minute dub mix of key album tracks, freshly reimagined by Manhattan Clique, as well as the original Electric Blue album fully remastered for 2017.

3 CD New/ arrived direct from the importer not sealed but in re-sealable plastic. 


  • - Disc 1 -
  •  Intro
  •  Caught in a Spin
  •  Crazy
  •  Love Oneself
  •  I Thought It Was You
  •  Electric Blue
  •  Jealous
  •  Shaking My Soul
  •  Runaway
  •  I'll Never Fall in Love Again
  •  Delicious
  •  Fantasy
  •  See the Lights Go Out
  •  The Rest of Our Lives
  •  Jump (Bonus Track)
  •  Back Into the Old Routine (Bonus Track)
  •  Little Girl Lies (Bonus Track)
  •  Names Change (Bonus Track)
  • - Disc 2 - ELECTRIC DUB (in a continuous Mix) DUB's, but very vocal!
  •  See the Lights Go Out  (Electric Dub)
  •  Electric Blue (Electric Dub)
  • Jack of Clubs (Electric Dub)
  •  I'll Never Fall in Love Again (Electric Dub)
  •  Crazy (Electric Dub)
  •  Jump (Electric Dub)
  •  Jealous (Electric Dub)
  •  Fantasy (Electric Dub)
  •  Love Oneself (Electric Dub)
  •  Crazy - New 2017 Extended Vocal Mix (Bonus Track)
  •  I'll Never Fall in Love Again - New 2017 Extended Vocal Mix (Bonus Track)
  •  Electric Blue - New 2017 Extended Vocal Mix (Bonus Track)
  •  Love Oneself - 2017 Extended Version (Bonus Track)
  • Crazy - New 2017 Acoustic Version (Bonus Track)
  •  Crazy - New 2017 Radio Edit (Bonus Track)
  • - Disc 3 - MIXES and MORE
  •  Jack of Clubs
  •  Delicious (Andy Solo Version)
  •  Love Oneself (Andy Solo Version)
  •  Crazy" (MHC Stateside Remix)
  •  Crazy" (Cicada Vocal Remix)
  •  Crazy" (Vince Clarke Remix)
  •  Crazy" (King Roc Remix)
  •  Crazy" (MHC Master Mix)
  •  I'll Never Fall in Love Again (Goetz Extended Remix)
  •  I'll Never Fall in Love Again (Jaded Alliance Remix)
  •  I'll Never Fall in Love Again (MR. Do's Remix)
  •  Electric Blue" (Extended Album Version)

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