Bananarama - In Stereo (Import LP 'CLEAR" Vinyl) New

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Vinyl Import UK LP pressing. 2019 release from the veteran British pop duo. For the past three decades, Bananarama's Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward have been one of pop's most influential and revered groups.  In Stereo, their 11th studio album, is full of electro pulses throbbing through newly revealed track 'Dance Music'; the moody echo vocal effect on the bridge of 'I'm On Fire'; the boisterous Saturday night pure disco 'Stuff Like That'; the Blondie-ish buzz to 'Looking for Someone'; the spare, house music bassline to 'Tonight'. Finishing on a ballad, as all the best Bananarama albums do, on the sad and gorgeous 'On Your Own'.

In Stereo is Bananarama at their pinnacle best, a ten-track total recall on their irresistible pop storytelling capacity.  Bananarama are, self-evidently, one of it's greatest parables, the group who shoved the door open for girls in pop to do things entirely on their terms as the '80s mopped up the mess of punk and turned it into something real and affecting. All tracks written by Sara, Karen & Ian Masterson.



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