Bananarama The Very Best of + REMIX CD

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Artist  Bananarama
 Title  The Very Best of + REMIX CD
 Region  IMPORT
 Price  $20.00


Official 2 Disc set with RARE remixes
Track Listings
  1. Venus
  2. Love In The First Degree
  3. Robert De Niros Waiting
  4. I Heard A Rumour
  5. Cruel Summer
  6. Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)
  7. It Aint What You Do
  8. Really Saying Something
  9. I Want You Back
  10. Nathan Jones
  11. Shy Boy
  12. More More More
  13. Only Your Love
  14. I Cant Help It
  15. Love Truth And Honesty
  16. Rough Justice
  17. Last Thing On My Mind
  18. Long Train Running
  19. Preacher Man
  20. Movin On
  21. Help
  22. . I Heard A Rumour (Miami Remix)
  24. Venus (Hellfire Mix) (Bonus CD)
  25. Love In The First Degree (Eurobeat Style) (Bonus CD)
  26. Movin On (Bumpin Mix) (Bonus CD)
  27. Cruel Summer (Remix) (Bonus CD)
  28. Only Your Love (Remix) (Bonus CD)
  29. Tripping On Your Love (Euro Trance Mix) (Bonus CD)
  30. I Want You Back (Remix) (Bonus CD)
  31. Nathan Jones (Remix) (Bonus CD)
  32. I Cant Help It (Remix) (Bonus CD)

$ 20.00

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