Bananarama - WOW (3CD Expanded Remastered Edition) NEW

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New  - 3disc version / sealed. 2013 Expanded edition. (Non-returnable if opened)

CD1-1 I Can't Help It 3:31
CD1-2 I Heard A Rumour 3:24
CD1-3 Some Girls 4:19
CD1-4 Love In The First Degree 3:31
CD1-5 Once In A Lifetime 4:05
CD1-6 Strike It Rich 3:28
CD1-7 Bad For Me 3:38
CD1-8 Come Back 3:39
CD1-9 Nathan Jones 5:34
CD1-10 I Want You Back 3:52
Bonus Tracks
CD1-11 Clean Cut Boy (Party Size) 4:43
CD1-12 Mr Sleaze 4:49
CD1-13 Ecstasy 4:12
CD1-14 Amnesia (12" Extended Version) 6:27
CD1-15 I Heard A Rumour (Horoscope Mix) 5:58
CD1-16 Love In The First Degree (Jailers Mix With Intro) 6:20
CD1-17 I Can't Help It (Extended Club Mix) 8:04
CD2-1 Love In The First Degree (Love In The House Mix) 8:33
CD2-2 I Heard A Rumour (House Mix) 7:23
CD2-3 I Can't Help It (The Hammond Version Excursion) 6:34
CD2-4 Reason For Living (12" Master) 6:08
CD2-5 Some Girls (12" Version) 5:47
CD2-6 Strike It Rich (12" Version) 6:00
CD2-7 I Heard A Rumour (Original 12" Mix) 7:07
CD2-8 Nathan Jones (Original 12" Mix) 5:45
CD2-9 I Want You Back (Original 12" Mix) 7:18
CD2-10 Ecstasy (Chicago House Stylee) 5:57
CD2-11 I Heard A Rumour (Dub) 5:19
CD2-12 Mr Sleaze (Rare Groove 12" Remix) 6:02
Promo Videos
DVD-1 I Heard A Rumour
DVD-2 Love In The First Degree
DVD-3 Mr Sleaze
DVD-4 I Can't Help It
DVD-5 I Want You Back
DVD-6 Love, Truth & Honesty
DVD-7 Nathan Jones
DVD-8 Help!
DVD-9 I Can't Help It (12" Version)
DVD-10 I Want You Back (Alternative Version)
Bananarama At The BBC
DVD-11 I Heard A Rumour (On "Top Of The Pops")
DVD-12 I Want You Back (On "Going Live")
DVD-13 Love, Truth & Honesty (On "Top Of The Pops")
DVD-14 Nathan Jones (On "Wogan")

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