Belinda Carlisle 2 CD box set REAL/LIVE YOUR LIFE BE FREE (Import) New

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Two disc set pairing together two of the Go-Go's lead vocalist's original solo albums, 1991's 'Live Your Life Be Free' & 1993's 'Real'. Both contain the original cover art & all of the tracks from when each was first issued. Housed in a thick slip case. Made in Holland - New /sealed. 

Disc: 1  "REAL"

  1. Goodbye Day
  2. Big Scary Animal
  3. Too Much Water
  4. Lay Down Your Arms
  5. Where Love Hides
  6. One With You
  7. Wrap My Arms
  8. Tell Me
  9. Windows Of The World
  10. Here Comes My Baby

Disc: 2 "Live your Life be Free"

  1. Live Your Life Be Free
  2. Do You Feel Like I Feel
  3. Hate The World
  4. You Came Out Of Nowhere
  5. You're Nothing Without Me
  6. I Plead Insanity
  7. Emotional Highway
  8. Little Black Book
  9. Love Revolution
  10. World Of Love
  11. Lonliness Game

  • Audio CD (February 20, 2001)
  • Number of Discs: 2
  • Format: Import CD box 
  • Label: Disky Records

$ 30.00

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