Boyz With Toyz (Various) – The Remix Collection 2CD (IMPORT) -Used

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KLONE UK COMPILATION 2 CD SET ft vocals by:  Lonnie Gordon, Anita Ward, Jason Prince, Candi Station, Angie Brown, Teresa Marie & more.


1-01 Boyz With Toyz  Ft. Angie Brown Knock On Wood (Jon Dennis' Epic Stateside House Mix) 7:30
1-02 Braindamage  Rocket To Your Heart (Slap & Tickle Remix) 6:19
1-03 Teresa Marie Gloria (Ross Alexander's Revisited Remix) 6:54
1-04 BWT Ft. Nina  Angel (Ladadi O-Heyo) (Hot Tracks USA Mix) 7:05
1-05 Teresa Marie What Took You So Long? (Pop One! 12") 5:31
1-06 Dezire Ft. Jo Frances Trouble (Ross Alexander's Remix) 6:00
1-07 Jason Prince True (Jason Alexander's Remix) 5:00
1-08 Boyz with Toyz Baby You're The Best (Original Club Mix)
1-09 Defacto ft: Gladis Robinson (I Know What You're Thinking) ...Cheap Shoes! (Original Mix)
1-10 Shield Ft. Lonnie Gordon A God That Can Dance (Boyz With Toyz Remix) 6:13


1.  ZACH Don't You Forget About Me (Bubblebass Remix) 

2. Massive Ego  – Master & Servant (Ross Alexander's Rawhide Mix)

3. Dezire  – I Don't Want A Lover (Pop One! 12")
4. Boyz With Toyz  – Fascinated (Ross Alexander's Nu Nrg Mix) 
Vocals  Teresa Marie
5. Candi Station - I Just can't get to sleep at all (Mr B's Hypnosis Mix) 
6. Mr. B ft: Teresa Marie - SUNSHINE (Club Mix)
7. Teresa Marie - Harmony (Mr. B's Club Mix) 
8. Anita Ward - RING MY BELL (Mr. B's Club Remix)
9. Mr. B ft: Teresa Marie - In The Air Tonight (Pop One! 12") 
10. Twister - Rock The Bass (Original Mix) 

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