Cathy Dennis - Move To This (Remastered & Extended 2CD set)

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Digitally remastered and expanded two CD edition. Widely recognized today as the talented songwriter behind such hits as Britney's 'Toxic' and Kylie's 'Can't Get You Out of My Head', the late 80s to the early 90s saw Cathy Dennis emerge as an artist in her own right scaling the heights with her brand of infectious dance influenced pop music. The team assembled for the MOVE TO THIS album included Cathy's D-Mob cohort Daniel Poku (Dancin' Danny D), Phil Bodger, Shep Pettibone, Anne Dudley, Juliet Roberts, Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers. This remastered expanded edition includes the sought after remixes and b-sides which were issued around the single releases. The whole of the EVERYBODY MOVE TO THE MIXES album is included as well as some Stateside rarities. Import release only. 


  •  Just Another Dream
  • 2 All Night Long (Touch Me)
  • 3 C'mon & Get My Love
  • 4 Too Many Walls
  • 5 Tell Me
  • 6 Everybody Move
  • 7 Move to This
  • 8 My Beating Heart
  • 9 Got to Get Your Love
  • 10 Taste My Love 
  • 11. Just another Dream (Danny D 7" Edit) 
  • 12. Touch Me (All night long) 7" mix
  • 13. That's the way of the world (D-mob ft: Cathy) 
  • 14. Too Many Walls (Acoustic version) 
  • 15. Love Is
  • 16. Everybody Move (7" Shep Pettibone Mix)
  • 17. Just Another Dream (7" US MIX)
  • 18. Everybody Move (Padapella MIx) 
  • 19. Just Another Dream (Paul Simpson U.S.Remix)


1. C'Mon And Get My Love (Dance Hall Mix) 

2. Just Another Dream (12" Mix) 

3. Everybody Move (Everybody's House Mix) 

4. Touch Me (All Night Long)  (CLUB MIX) 

5. Too Many Walls (L'Autre Mix) 

6. C'Mon And Get My Love (Spaghetti Western Mix) 

7. Everybody Move (Everybody's Club Mix) 

8. Just Another Dream (Funky Love Mix) 

9. C'Mon And Get My Love (Dedication Mix) 

10. Just Another Dream (Nightlife Mix) 

11. Just Another Dream (Alternative Bass Mix) 






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