CHER - Closer to the Truth: Deluxe Edition Import CD

borderline MUSIC

IMPORT VERSION includes bonus tracks not found on the USA Versions

  1. Woman's World
  2. Take It Like a Man
  3. My Love
  4. Dressed to Kill
  5. Red
  6. Lovers Forever
  7. I Walk Alone
  8. Sirens
  9. Favorite Scars
  10. I Hope You Find It
  11. Lie to Me
  12. I Don't Have to Sleep to Dream (Bonus Track)
  13. Pride (Bonus Track)
  14. You Haven't Seen the Last of Me (Original Version) [Bonus Track]
  15. Woman's World (R3Hab Remix)
  16. Woman's World (Jodie Harsh Remix)
  17. Will You Wait for Me (Bonus Track)

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