Dannii Minogue - Hits & Beyond CD

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 Dannii's Hits and New tracks : featuring all of her hit singles plus new songs including the single 'So Under Pressure'. Enjoying a staggering sixteen years in the music industry as a top selling recording artist, nineteen hit singles and four top selling UK albums, Dannii Minogue has returned to the charts, reminding the world that there's more than one Minogue with a slew of upbeat Dance-Pop hits to their name. New/sealed 
 1. Put The Needle On It
  2. I Begin To Wonder
  3. So Under Pressure
  4. You Won't Forget About Me
  5. All I Wanna Do
 6. This Is It 
  7. Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling
  8. Baby Love
  9. Everything I Wanted
  10. Disremembrance
  11. Jump To The Beat
  12. Love & Kisses
  13. $Ucce$$
  14. Perfection
  15. Who Do You Love Now?
  16. Love Fight
  17. Sunrise
  18. I Can't Sleep At Night
  19. Gone
  20. Good Times

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