DJ Escape - Party Time 2005

borderline MUSIC

Compiled, mixed & produced by DJ Escape. Was new but we sliced the case open to file the disc in the store.  Comes in  resealable plastic

 1. Alright [Brad Carter Mix] - Red Carpet 
  2. I Just Can't Get Enough - Herd & Fitz ft: Abigail Bailey 
  3. No Strings [Peter Presta Big USA Room Mix] - Lola
  4. Pump Up the Jam - bass-a-rama
  5. Holla Back Girl [Gomi & Escape Mix] - Gem 
  6. Easy as Life - Deborah Cox
  7. The Fruit [Buick Project Mix] - sander kleinenberg
  8. Call Me [Lee Cabrera Mix] -Anna vissi 
  9. Tempted to Touch [Cevin Fisher Mix] - Double Click 
  10. Summer Moon [Bob Sinclair Mix]  - Africanism 
  11. So Many Times [Antione Clamaran Mix] - Gadjo 
  12. Let the Sun Shine In [Original Mix] - Cevin Fisher & the scumfrog
  13. (Why Should I) Think About the Rain? [Carl Kennedy Mix] - Dutch ft: Lisa Fisher 
  14. You Are My Everything - Vanessa Williams 

$ 4.99

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