Dragonette Mixin To Thrill

borderline MUSIC

Artist  Dragonette
 Title  Mixin To Thrill
 Region  Import
 Price  $15.00


exclusive Official Remix and new tracks EP - direct from the group! very limited pressing and not a cd+r - official baby!! comes w/ fold out poster
Track Listings
  1. Volcano
  2. Our Summer
  3. My Things
  4. Easy (buffet libre remix) 4:58
  5. fixin to thrill (don diablo remix) 7:01
  6. Pick Up the Phone (richard X remix) 6:09
  7. fixin to thrill (don diablo DUB mix) 7:00
  8. fixin to thrill (villains remix) 4:46
  9. (Pick Up the Phone (francis Preve Remix) 7:03
  10. ) Pick Up the Phone (aritmatix remix) 5:18

$ 15.00

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