Exposé - What You Don't Know (Japan) + bonus Mixes Used CD

borderline MUSIC

Original 1989 release - Japan edition featuring bonus mixes not found on the US release at the time.  Expose's 2nd album. 

  •  What You Don't Know
  •  Stop, Listen, Look & Think
  •  Tell Me Why
  •  When I Looked at Him
  •  Let Me Down Easy
  •  Still Hung Up on You
  •  Your Baby Never Looked Good in Blue
  •  Now That I Found You
  •  Love Don't Hurt (Until You Fall)
  •  Didn't It Hurt to Hurt Me
  •  Walk Along with Me
  • What You Don't Know (In Effect Mix) 5:46
  • When I Looked At Him (Suave Mix) 7:00
  • What You Don't Know (Paradise Version)  4:11

$ 15.00

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