Fatboy Slim - Norman Cook Remix Collection CD (Used)

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Norman Cook's Fatboy Slim alter ego remix collection - used in very good! condition.


Format: CD
Release Year: 2000
Record Label: Hip-O
Genre: Electronic, Electronica

Track Listing

1. Won't Talk About It - Beats International
2. Psych‚ Rock - (Fatboy Slim Malpaso Mix) Pierre Henry 
3. The - (Fatboy Slim Remix) World's Made up of This and That -Deeds + Thoughts
4. Echo Chamber - 
Beats International

5. Dub Be Good to Me - Beats International

6. Fatboy Slim remix, radio edit) E.V.A. - Jean Jacqyues Perrey 
7. I Left My Wallet in El Segundo - (Vampire Mix)  - A Tribe Called Quest 
8. The Sun Don't Shine  - Beats International 
9. Start on Avalanche - Shinehead
10. Renegade Master - (Fatboy Slim Old Skool Mix)  -Wildchild
11. Roll the Dice - (Fatboy Slim Vocal Remix)  - Lunatic Calm
12. Payback - (The Final Mixdown mix)  -James Brown 
13. Tribute to King Tubby  - Beats International 

$ 4.00

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