Forbidden Hollywood - Original Cast recording '95 CD - Used

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Track Listings

1 Forest Gump: Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates (Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries)
2 Forbidden Hollywood
3 They Shouldn't Be In Pictures (You Oughta Be In Pictures)
4 Aladdin: A Disney World (A Whole New World)
5 Somewhere Under The Rainbow (Somewhere Over The Rainbow)
6 Darling Doris Day (Que Sera, Sera)
7 Dreamworks Triplets (Triplets)
8 Falling Apart Again (Falling In Love Again(Can't Help It))
9 Hits And Bombs Sequence: Hits And Bombs (Guys And Dolls)/Blurry Hues (Bali H'ai)/Marlon Brando...
10 Waterworld: I'll Blow The Budget of Waterworld (I'l Build A Stairway To Paradise)
11 Untitled
12 Oscar Sequence: Gump, The Magic Movie (Puff, The Magic Dragon)
13 Mama Yo Quiero (I Want My Mama)
14 Pulp Fiction: Make 'Em Bleed (Make 'Em Laugh)
15 Summer Movies (Summer Nights)
16 O-Todd-AO (Oklahoma)
17  (Rawhide)
18 Stupidcarelessfictionalnonsensicalverbosness (Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious)
19 :Dub me (Show Me)
20 Who's Gay In Hollywood (Hooray For Hollywood)
21 Bye Bye Thirty (Bye Bye Birdie)
22 Mein Film Career (Mein Herr)
23 My Singin' Is A Pain (Singin' In The Rain)
24  Most Men (My Man (Mon Homme))
25 Finale: As Time Drags By (As Time Goes By) Casablanca Sequence
26 Bows

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