Gay Happening Presents Pride Party Hit -Double CD

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New / sealed rare official CD from Dance Street Label. 

30 Pride anthem tracks ft: Gloria Gaynor, Regina, Hannah Jones, Disco Deejays, Rozalla, Evelyn Thomas, Shawn Christopher, Divine, LDM Project and many Cover versions of classic hits

Disc: 1

  1. Free, Gay & Happy - Sabrina Johnson
 2. I Am What I Am [D. Caminata Remix] -Gloria Gaynor
 3. Day By Day [Latin Mix] - Regina
 4. Young Hearts Run Free 2006
  5. New York City Boy [Belmond & Parker Radio Mix] - Randy Jones 
  6. Are You Man Enough [Mario Leonard Club Mix Edit]- Carol Jiani & Evelyn Thomas
  7. So Many Men, So Little Time - Club 54
  8. Strong Enough - Marsha Goodman
  9. Celebration - Disco Deejays
  10. Samba De Janeiro [Gay Pride Tribal Mix] - Carrillo
  11. Going Back To My Roots - Belmond & Parker 
  12. Finally [Radio Mix] - Sharon Dexter
  13. I Don't Feel Like Dancin' - Glitter Sisters 
  14. Can You Feel the Love Tonight - Harajuku ft: Stephanie O'Hare
  15. I Will Survive [70's Disco Version] - Sharon Douglas


Disc: 2

  1. Can't Take My Eyes Off of You [Remix] - Gloria Gaynor 
  2. You Never Love the Same Way Twice [2005 Remix]  - Rozella 
  3. High Energy [DJ Red Star Radio Mix]  - Evelyn Thomas 
  4. Sweet Freedom [Eric Kupper Mix] -Shawn Christopher 
  5. Hit'n'run Lover [Belmond & Parker Remix] - Carol Jiani
  6. You Think You're a Man - Massive Ego
  7. I'm Every Woman [Brown Sugar & Niko De Luca Edit] -Chynna Blue
  8. Anything But Love [Disco Deejays Mix] - Sarah Grant
  9. The Power of Love - Beverlee 
  10. The Winner Takes It All - Laura Branigan 
  11. Shoot Your Shot [Jon of the Pleased Wimmin Edit]- Divine 
  12. Insomnia [Club House Mix] - Scotty Ft: Mc Sherlock
  13. For Your Red Roses/Für Mich Soll's Rote Rosen Regnen [Clubmix] - Beverlee
  14. Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Stephanie O'Hare
  15. Seid Stolz! [Deutsche Version Von Go West] - LDM Project 


$ 16.98

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