Gay Happening Presents... MEGA HOUSE PARTY 2 - 2CD

borderline MUSIC

Full-length club remixes. mostly cover versions.

1. Everybody Dance Now [Pimpguns Remix]
2. Freed from Desire [Fernando Spiaggia Remix]
3. Read My Lips [House Mix]
4. Countdown [Castaman Final Cut Mix]
5. Crazy Nation [Club Mix]
6. Tainted Love [Club Mix]
7. Shoot Your Shot [Alternative Mix]
8. Thriller [Original Mix]
9. Into the Groove [Greg B. Remix]
10. God Is a DJ [Firstmix]
11. Feel the Night [Marc Canova Remix]
12. Going Back to My Roots [Electro Gold Mix]
13. Work That Body
14. Energy [House Club Mix]
15. Apologize [Tribe Electro Mix]
16. Play That Beat [Tribal Club Mix]
17. La Cumbia [Club Mix]
18. Promised Milkshake [Mondo Remix]
19. Upside Down [Electro Gold Mix]
20. People Hold On [Michael Kaiser Remix]
21. New York City Boy [Belmond & Parker Clubmix]
22. Another Day [Club Mix]
23. Teamm8 Fashion Underwear Promotional Video

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