Gayfest 2005 - Double CD

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The sixth edition the Gayfest series just gets better and better. How many divas and that's just the fabulous producers and remixers. CD1 features 12 extended club mixes. CD2 boasts 16 tracks mixed as the Pop Cell Party Mix by leading London underground DJ Marc Massive. The album and artists will be showcased as the closing show at this year's Manchester Mardi Graas. Featuring the very sought after Dolly Parton COVER version of ''Nine To Five'' by New Emotion.

Used Like New.  Actually the disc was new but case opened to file the discs in store to prevent theft.

Disc: 1 THE MIXES 

  1. Memories (Paul Masterson Mix) - Jeanie Tracy 
  2. Private Dancer (Ross Alexander Extended Mix) - Nicki French 
  3. It Must Be Love (Paul Masterson Revisited Mix) - The J Project 
  4. Beyond Your Wildest Dreams (Sleazesisters Anthem Mix) - Sleazesisters ft:Patti Griffith 
  5. Reach Out (I'll Be There (Northernbeat 12" Mix) - D Video
  6. Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves (Northernbeat 12" Mix) - Viola Wills 
  7. Body Rock (Ross Alexander Anthem Mix) - Natalie Powers 
  8. Bette Davis Eyes (Northernbeat 12' Remix) - Klub Kidz ft: Laura Harding
  9. Nite Klub Skewl (Styloflex Mix) - Sleazesisters vs Rockik
  10.Dark Lady (Extended Club Mix) - Dark Lady 
  11. Never felt so good (Electro Mix) - Massive Ego
  12. Rock Star (Jonesy Edit) - Dusty O
  1. Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
  2. Memories
  3. What Now My Love
  4. Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves
  5. Reach Out 
  6. Nine To Five (Sleazesisters Anthem Mix) - New Emotion 
 7. It Must be Love - The JP Project 
 8. Klub Kidz - Bette Davis Eyes 
 9. Party Carnival (Extended mix) - Yomanda 
10. Body Rock - Natalie Powers
11. Dark Lady - Dark Lady (CHER cover)
12. Rockin 4 myself - Angie Brown
13. Cast a spell  - Pianoman ft: jay danielle
14, Can't stop dancin' -  The Starlet DJS
15.  Memories 2005 - sleazesisters
16. Private Dancer - Nicki French
17. Never felt so good - Massive Ego

  • Audio CD (August 15, 2005)

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