Groundwork - Benefit CD (Various artist: Madonna, Moby, Sheryl Crow+

borderline MUSIC

2001 Benefit CD to end hunger.  15 tracks include:



 Emmylou harris - one big love (remix)

Madonna - Cyber-raga 

Michael Franti & Spearhead - listener supported (remix)

David Gray - my oh my (Live)

Bill Frisell - keep your eyes open (Live)

Tom Waits - buzz fledderjohn

plus Youssou N' Dour Birma (Original Dakar Mix) 

brad mehladau - Paranoid Android (written by Radiohead) 

artis the spoonman - Plantin' 

Daniel Lanois - Pour ton Sourir 

Moby (Whispering Wind) ,

Joseph Arthur - I donated myself to the mexican army 

Joe Henry - Animal Skin

Sheryl Crow (Everyday is a Winding Road (LIVE) ,

Chocolate Genius  -Love walks in 

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