James Blunt - Chasing Time The Bedlam Sessions CD + DVD(Import)

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CD/DVD (Region 2-5). James Blunt sought entry into the music industry upon finishing four years in the Army. At 2003's South by Southwest conference, Blunt caught the attention of songwriter/producer Linda Perry (Christina Aguilera, Pink), who signed him to her Custard label. Back to Bedlam, Blunt's debut album, was produced in large part by Tom Rothrock (Beck, Elliott Smith). It was released in 2005, but not before lead single 'You're Beautiful' spent five weeks at #1 on the U.K. singles chart. The CD is comprised of 12 live tracks that were recorded in Ireland, including 'You're Beautiful'. The DVD contains 11tracks. Warner. 2006. * Please note you will need an All Code DVD player to view.

Disc 1: CD

  1. Wisemen (Live)
  2. High (Live)
  3. Cry (Live)
  4. Goodbye My Lover (Live)
  5. So Long, Jimmy (Live)
  6. Sugar Coated (Live)
  7. You're Beautiful (Live)
  8. Billy (Live)
  9. Fall At Your Feet (Live)
  10. Tears & Rain (Live)
  11. No Bravery (Live)
  12. Where Is My Mind? (Live)
Disc 2: DVD
  13. Billy (Live @ The Bbc)
  14. High (Live @ The Bbc)
  15. Wisemen (Live @ The Bbc)
  16. Goodbye My Lover (Live @ The Bbc)
  17. Tears & Rain (Live @ The Bbc)
  18. Out Of My Mind (Live @ The Bbc)
  19. So Long Jimmy (Live @ The Bbc)
  20. You're Beautiful (Live @ The Bbc)
  21. Cry (Live @ The Bbc)
  22. No Bravery (Live @ The Bbc)
  23. Where Is My Mind (Live @ The Bbc)
  24. High (Video)
  25. High (Making Of The Video)
  26. Wisemen (Video)
  27. Wisemen (Making Of The Video)
  28. You’Re Beautiful (Video)
  29. You’Re Beautiful (Making Of The Video)
  30. High 2005 (Video)
  31. High (Making Of The Video)
  32. Goodbye My Lover (Video)
  33. Goodbye My Lover (Making Of The Video)
  34. Epk - Being Blunt (Documentary)/Photo Gallery/Interview

Product Details

  • Audio CD (May 1, 2006)
  • Number of Discs: 2
  • Format: Import
  • Label: Wea International

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