Jody Watley - You Wanna Dance with Me? Used CD

borderline MUSIC

Used 1989 releases CD - in ex! condition.

All new 1989 Remixes in a continuous mix. Produced by Patrick Leonard.

1. still a thrill (remixed by louil silas, jr)

2. friends (remixed by hank shocklee, eric sadler & paul shabazz)

3. looking for a new love  (remixed by louil silas, jr) 

4. real love (remixed by louil silas, jr)

5. l.o.v.e.r. (remixed by louil silas, jr)

6. what'cha gonna do for me (remixed by louil silas, jr)

7. don't you want me  (remixed by francois kevorkian & michael hutchinson)

8. most of all ((remixed by francois kevorkian)

9. some kind of lover (remixed by louil silas, jr)


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