Lady GaGa THE REMIX (Japan edition) alternate mixes

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Artist  Lady GaGa
 Title  THE REMIX (Japan edition) alternate mixes
 Region  IMPORT
 Price  $39.98


16 track REMIX Cd only released in Japan. Includes alternate mixes not found on USA or French edition. This Japan version was released first and is now out of print - once we sell out is will be gone 4ever. low stock
Track Listings
  1. Just Dance [Space Cowboy Remix] - (remix)
  2. Just Dance [Redone Remix] - (remix)
  3. Poker Face [Space Cowboy Remix] - (remix)
  4. Poker Face [LLG Vs GLG Radio Remix] - (remix)
  5. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) [Electric Piano & Human Beatbox Version] [Cherry Tree Session Version] - (remix)
  6. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) [Petshop Boys Radio Remix] - (remix)
  7. Love Game [Space Cowboy Remix] - (remix)
  8. Love Game [Chu Fu Ghetto House Fix] - (remix, featuring Marilyn Manson)
  9. Paparazzi [Yuksek Remix] - (remix)
  10. Paparazzi [Stewart Price Remix] - (remix)
  11. Bad Romance [Skrillex Radio Remix] - (remix)
  12. Bad Romance [Starsmith Remix] - (remix)
  13. Bad Romance [Kasade Main Remix] - (remix)
  14. 4 Telephone [Alpha Beat Remix] - (remix, featuring Beyonce,)
  15. Telephone [Passion Pit Remix] - (remix, featuring Beyonce,)
  16. Telephone [Crookers Vocal Remix] - (remix, featuring Beyonce,)

$ 39.98

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