Liza Minnelli - Tropical Nights Remastered & Expanded (Import) CD

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Digitally remastered and expanded edition in 2017. Originally released in 1977, Liza Minnelli's eighth studio album, Tropical Nights, remains the disco-orientated curio of her entire discography. Contemporaneous U.S. press adverts heralding it's initial release stated: "Tropical Nights... Liza, with a difference. It's Liza alright, there's no doubt about that, but, with a difference! On Tropical Nights, her first studio album in over three years, she does what we expect from Liza; she's still the greatest interpreter of standards and classics there is, but, she understands how to go other places. She's made some very new material hers and hers alone." This expanded remastered reissue comes with five bonus tracks. 'More Than I Like You' and it's flipside 'Harbour' are the two tracks from a 1974 non-album single. Then, there are three different language versions of Liza's final single for Columbia, 1993's 'The Day After That'. This song reunited Liza with the showtune legends Kander and Ebb who had previously written the musicals Cabaret, Chicago, The Rink and The Act all of which Liza had been associated with.

Her final song for Columbia was adapted by Liza from their then most recent work Kiss Of A Spider Woman; the track 'The Day After That' was appropriated as Liza's call to arms to fight for a cure for AIDS and it remains one of her most affecting recordings.


  1. Jimi Jimi
  2. When It Comes Down to It
  3. I Love Every Little Thing About You
  4. Easy
  5. Iâ™M Your New Best Friend
  6. Tropical Nights / Bali Haâ™I
  7. Take Me Through / I Could Come to Love You
  8. Come Home Babe
  9. A Beautiful Thing
  10. More Than I Like You
  11. Harbour
  12. The Day After That
  13. The Day After That - Spanish Version
  14. The Day After That - French Version

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