Madonna - Maverick Mixes (Bootleg CD) Used

borderline MUSIC

USED 2001 bootleg CD -- some wear - Silver pressed // Not a CDR  - jewel case

Not sure of its origin


Mixes of: 

FROZEN (Calderone Drum Mix)

I WANT YOU  (Junior Vasquez club mix) 

RAY OF LIGHT  (DMC remix radio edit)

THE POWER OF GOODBYE (Boomerang's outback remix) 

NOTHING REALLY MATTERS (Vikram's extended Cybercut)

SKIN  (Club 69 Detroit radio version)

SKY FITS HEAVEN (Victor Calderone future remix)

AMERICAN PIE (Victor Calderone Phenomenal remix) 

MUSIC (Strange Orchestra's 2001 remix) 

$ 25.00

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