Madonna - Something To Remember - USA LP VINYL (2016)

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  Madonna's heartfelt 1995 collection, Something To Remember, brought together the pop icon's finest ballads for the very first time. The revealing 14-song set features several #1 hits like "Take A Bow," "Crazy For You," "This Used To Be My Playground" and "Live To Tell" along with what were a few new recordings at the time in the Massive Attack-produced Marvin Gaye cover "I Want You," "One More Chance" and the Top 10 single "You'll See."Something To Remember is a perfect showcase for the sensitive and romantic side of one of the world's preeminent recording artists.

 2016 Reissue on 180g  in the USA 



Side One

1. I Want You (with Massive Attack)

2. I'll Remember

3. Take A Bow 

4. You'll See

5. Crazy For You

6. This Used To Be My Playground

7. Live To Tell

Side Two:

1. Love Don't Live Here Anymore (remix) 

2. Something To Remember

3. Forbidden Love

4. One More Chance

5. Rain

6. Oh Father

7. I Want You (Orchestral Version) with Massive Attack

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