Mash Up Euphoria 3CD set

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 Artist  Ministry of Sound Mixed by the CUT UP BOYS
 Title  Mash Up Euphoria 3CD set
 Region  IMPORT
 Price  $19.98
The biggest Trance classics all mashed up into one mix on 3 CD's .official Mash Up from 2009 via Ministry Of Sound. (Low stock)
Track Listings
  1. Disc: 1
  2. 1. Waiting 4/Finally [Acappella] 2. Rise Up /The Time Is Now /Embrace [Acappella] 3. Sun /It's All Vain 4. Hudson Street/Dance [Acappella] 5. Shine/9PM (Till I Come) 6. The Legacy/Skydive (I Feel Wonderful) [Acappella] 7. Pulsar /Planet Rock /Rhythm Is a Dancer [Original Picotto Tea Mix] 8. Lizard /D.E.V.I.L. /In and out of My Life /Red Blue Purple [Acappella][ 9. Revolution/We Want Your Soul [Acappella] 10. Access/Pump Up the Volume /Operation Blade [USA 12" Mix] 11. Gamemaster/Das Glockenspiel /It's Love (Trippin') /Can't Get Enough [Ac 12. Sandstorm
  3. Disc: 2
  4. 1. Everytime /Is It a Sin [Circada's Stadium Remix[ 2. Learning to Fly/Just Be Dub to Me [Acappella] 3. Bodyshine/Love Will Set You Free (Jambe Myth) [Acappella] 4. Cowgirl/Synaesthesia /Deepest Blue [Original en Motion Mix] 5. Greece 2000/Guilty /The Javelin /Boogie 2Nite [Album Version] 6. 4 the Love /The Theme /Soul Heaven [Jamx & De Leon's Dumonde Remix] 7. Blood Is Pumping/E Samba [Acappella] 8. Time to Burn/Loneliness /Cry Little Sister (I Need U Now) [Acappella] 9. Close Cover (The Piano Track)/I Am /From Russia with Love [Acappella] 10. Please Save Me/Angel [Acappella] 11. Flash/Swing 2 Harmony/Mama Say Mama Sa [Acappella]
  5. Disc: 3
  6. 1. Love Generation /Love Has Gone /At Night [Acappella] 2. Attention!/Poison/Drop the Pressure/Winter [Acappella] 3. Children/Windmills /Beautiful [Acappella] 4. Open Up/Salt Water 5. Winter /Tonite (Let's All Make Love in London) [Acappella] 6. The White Room/Raindrops (Encore un Fois) [Acappella] 7. Crazy World/Let the Music Play /Naked in the Rain [Acappella] 8. The Silence/Somebody's Watching Me [Acappella] 9. Encore une Fois /Cry for You [Acappella] 10. Pillix/Jus 1 Kiss [Acappella] 11. The Key/Yeke Yeke

$ 19.98

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