PROUD (Pride)

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Artist  DJ Julian Marsh
 Title  PROUD (Pride)
 Region  USA
 Price  $11.98


the PRIDE Cd that started them all -- original released in 1999 and set off the series. Great double CD full of Pride classics. Sale pride
Track Listings
  1. CD1 [DJ Joe D'Espinosa]
  2. The Poem Remix
  3. Sitting in the Sun [J.T.'s Live Mix]
  4. . Beautiful Day [Cevin's Beautiful Style Mix]
  5. Right Back to Love [Extended Mix]
  6. Kings Are Groovin
  7. Take You There [Play Boys Vocal Mix]
  8. Joy [David Morales Classic Club Mix]
  9. Free [original club mix][Version]
  10. Unspeakable Joy [Osio Club Mix] - Kim English
  11. Give It All You Got
  12. Right Back to Love
  13. Disc: 2 [DJ Julian Marsh ]
  14. Closer to You [High in the Night Mix]
  15. The Living Dream [Swimmer Remix]
  16. Sun & Rain [Original Mix]
  17. Generator [Power Club Mix]
  18. Invisible [Lost Tribe Vocal Mix]
  19. Spiritual Light
  20. Can You Feel... [Original Mix]
  21. Floating [Van Gough Remix]
  22. Prayer [Solar Stone Mix]
  23. Sundance

$ 11.98 $ 14.98

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