Roisin Murphy (MOLOKO) - Overpowered CD

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 Artist  Roisin Murphy (MOLOKO)
 Title  Overpowered CD 
 Region  IMPORT
 Price  $11.98



Second SOLO release of the front woman from MOLOKO> this CD is AMAZING -- every track is a hit. dance 80's electronic vibe. NEW CD
Track Listings
  1. Overpowered
  2. You Know Me Better
  3. Checkin' On Me
  4. Let Me Know
  5. Movie Star
  6. Primitive
  7. Footprints
  8. Dear Miami
  9. Cry Baby
  10. Tell Everybody
  11. Scarlet Ribbons
  12. Body Language
  13. Parallel Lives

$ 11.98

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