Tony Humphries -Strictly Rhythm Mix Vol.2


1995 release from the dance label Strictly Rhythm - 


1 The Rhythm Masters  Doo-Day (Club Mix)
2 Erick "More" Morillo Dancing (A Little 'More' Dub)
3 The Tribe  Go-San-Do (The Holivic Mix)
4 River Ocean Love & Happiness (Yemaya Y Ochún) (House Nation Mix)
5 Circle Children Zulu (Change Mix)
6 South Street Player Stop Using People (Club Mix)
7 Full Swing  Freestyle Groove
8 M & M So Deep, So Good
9 South Street Player (Who?) Keeps Changing Your Mind
10 Smooth Touch Come & Take A Trip (Erick 'More' Club Mix)
Featuring  Althea McQueen
11 George Morel Talk To Me (The Talk Mix)
12 Circle Children Indonesia (Sambal Badjak Mix)
13 Banji Boys  Love Thang (Cat Walk Mix)
14 The Untouchables Go Bah (Los Africanos) (Muthafuckin' Mastermix)
15 R.B.M. Latin Flavor (What Women Say At DP Mix)

$ 11.00

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