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 Title  Who's that Girl DVD
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Madonna starred in the 1987 screwball comedy Who's That Girl? She plays Nikki Finn, who is being released from prison after serving a four-year sentence for a murder she didn't commit. Meanwhile, wealthy lawyer Loudon (Griffin Dunne) is about to get married that afternoon to the snobby Wendy (Haviland Morris), the daughter of Simon Worthington (John McMartin). Worthington does not approve of the wedding and he wants Nikki out of town as soon as possible, so he sends Loudon to collect Nikki and take her to the bus station.

Instead, the flamboyant Nikki seeks the truth to the murder she was jailed for. Naturally, wild action ensues -- some of it involving an escaped Cougar, guns, theft, kidnappings.

Screwball, Funny - inspired by the 1938 Classic Katharine Hepburn film "Bringing Up Baby". Who's that Girl Features the #1 self titled song, #2 Causing A Commotion" and the top 10 UK ballad "Look of Love". performed by Madonna!

$ 14.98

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