Zero 7 "record" best of CD ft: SIA

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New sealed ft: SIA on 6 tracks!

A collection of hand-picked highlights from Zero 7's first decade. ''Record'' features tracks from their Mercury Prize nominated, million selling debut album Simple Things and also includes tracks taken from their subsequent Gold selling albums as well as rare, previously unreleased tracks such as 'Salt Water Sound'. 

Release Year: 2010
Record Label: Atlantic (Label)
Genre: Electronic, Electronica

Track Listing
1. Futures
2. I Have Seen
3. You're My Flame ft: SIA 
4. Destiny  ft: SIA 
5. Throw It All Away ft: SIA 
6. Polaris
7. Everything Up (Zizou)
8. Home
9. Mr. McGee
10. Swing
11. Somersault  ft: SIA 
12. In the Waiting Line
13. The Pageant of the Bizarre ft: SIA
14. Salt Water Sound
15. Distractions  ft: SIA 
16. End Theme

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