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  1. Donna De Lory - REMIXES (CD)

    $ 0.00

    Donna's soulful voice is unlike any other in today's realm of world music artists. Blending Eastern and Western influences, she creates beguiling original compositions that weave English lyrics with familiar Sanskrit mantras.  Remixed versions from her albums -- electronic Lounge/ Chilled remixes. Direct from Donna herself. Guru Om [Rara Avis Mix] Hey Ma Durga [Donna de...

  2. Donna De Lory - SKY IS OPEN CD

    $ 9.98

    1 One Day 2 River 3 Blue Eyed Angel 4 Sky Is Open 5 Fade In Time 6 Maybe 7 Walking Out Of Yesterday 8 Glow 9 Where Are You Now 10 In The Sun Credits Producer – Donna de Lory, Mac Quayle CD released 2006  Direct from Donna herself  see also Donna DeLory   ...

  3. Donna De Lory - Here In Heaven CD (New)

    $ 15.00

    Borderline exclusive -direct from Donna !  Her stunning new 2018 album "Here In Heaven" - Includes a cover of Kate Bush's 1989 single "Never Be Mine".  LISTEN - the first single and check out the music video on YouTube.  View more Donna CD releases we have in stock - simply type in Donna De Lory in our...

  4. The Madonna Effect - Double CD Various artist Madonna introduced.

    $ 19.98

       Double CD DJ service collection of official remixes of artist that Madonna introduced to the world! CD1 features her long time back up singers/dancers and CD 2 are tracks Madonna produced, wrote for, sang back up and dated ! All tracks that would have never heard the light of day without Madonna's name attacked...

  5. Donna De Lory (DeLory) Just A Dream Promo 12" Vinyl

    $ 15.00

    Original 1993 12" promo release - Produced and written by MADONNA and Patrick Leonard and Madonna sings back -up!! Like New -  Just Right Vocal Mix Just Right Dub Extended Club Remix 

  6. Donna De Lory - BLISS (CD) SALE!

    $ 9.98

    Well-known as one of Madonna's longtime featured vocalist, Donna De Lory has written, produced and independently distributed her n 2001 album "Bliss". Donna and her musical partner cellist, Cameron Stone came from wildly varying backgrounds to forge a common bond in their love of music. For Donna, music was ingrained in her soul literally before her...

  7. Donna De Lory - In The Glow CD (SALE)

    $ 9.98

    2003 CD release recorded when Donna was 8 months pregnant with her first child. " In The Glow" is a celebration of Love and Light . Niki Haris is featured on 'JAYA JAYA' and this album includes an amazing cover version of Robbie Robertson's great song, "Unbound.' Though there are only 7 tracks each track...

  8. Donna De Lory - Here In Heaven (Autographed cover) Signed "Limited Quantities"

    $ 20.00

    Borderline exclusive -direct from Donna & the Cover artwork is  Signed by Donna! (Very Limited Quantities available) -- Each cover is similar to this signed copy - each cover differs just a touch. See the photos of Donna signing the CD's in her home recording studio.  Her stunning new 2018 album "Here In Heaven" - Includes a...

  9. Donna De Lory - Live & Acoustic CD (Sale)

    $ 9.98

    Donna's official limited cd live and acoustic CD recorded in LA and Paris. Released Jan. 1 2002 . This release we received direct from Donna.  Low stock  (see also Donna Delory) ''Please'' features Niki Haris on the tracks Tracks: LIVE 1. Praying for Love 2. Where I've Never Been 3. Go Talk To Mary 4....

  10. Donna De lory [Delory] the lover & the Beloved REMIXED CD (SALE)

    $ 9.98

    Artist  Donna De lory Delory  Title  the lover & the Beloved REMIXED CD  Region  USA  Price  $9.98   Description this 10 track official remix cd from donna's stunning cd LOVER & THE BELOVED --remixed!!!  Limited Sale price celebrating Donna's 2018 new album "HERE IN HEAVEN"  Track Listings   1. he ma durga (radio edit) 3.51   2....