Planet Dance - double 12" single (promo) Cevin Fisher, Hypertrophym Catapila - LP Vinyl - Used

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2 remix 12" singles from the PLANET DANCE Compilation from 2000.  Housed in a black generic sleeve. 

----LP 1

Hypertrophy Just Come Back To Me (Original Mix)                                                6:24
Hypertrophy Beautiful Day (Juniorverse Remix) 7:40

Cevin Fisher

----LP 2 

The Freaks Come Out (Sharp Freaks At Trade Mix)

Hypertrophy Eternal Flames (Olav Basoski Club Remix) 6:25
Catapila I Need You (Juniorverse Remix) 8:10
Cevin Fisher (You Got Me) Burning Up (Queen St. Orchestra Vocal Mix) 9:28

$ 11.00

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