About Us

Borderline MUSIC was Chicago’s first and only dance record store from 2000 - 2016 We opened in August of 2000 in Lakeview located in Chicago’s gay and lesbian neighborhood and in 2014 relocated to Andersonville as the community moved north until the building was sold of a chain store in August of 2017. Now we are concentrating on just selling online until we find a new location to reopen.-- Borderline Music proudly has always specialized in Dance, Imports, Remixes and DJ compilations and expanded our inventory to VINYL: including Rock, Classics, Indie and more.

Borderline MUSIC is a new and used CD and Vinyl Record store that specializes mainly in dance and imports. We also carry collectibles, new and used DVDs, and more. Borderline opened in August 2000 and has continued to support and celebrate Chicago’s gay community ever since.

I opened Borderline MUSIC because of my intense passion and knowledge of music. I have worked in many nationwide chains and even worked at a record label out in LA. After my return to Chicago, I was saddend by the lack of music that was available to the fans. This is why Borderline MUSIC had to open. We carry everything from domestic titles to the ‘hard to find’ that are not released in the states. 

Our products com from the US, Canada, Australia, U.K., Japan, France and anywhere else that your favorite artist may be released—we’ll get it. Since our opening in 2000 the store has exploded on the scene!—Not only have we had we had local DJs spinning Live, but we’ve also had many in store-appearances by amazing artist such as Lady Gaga, Charlie XCX, Darren Hayes, Natalia Kills, Abigail, Amber, Donna De Lory, Kristine W., Pepper Mashay, Keri, Junior Vasquez, Wynter Gordon and many others!

Our Chicago storefront Lost it's lease (due to a nationwide chain taking over the building) as of Aug 1, 2017.  So our physical storefront is now close but our online store will continue as normal.