Bananarama - 1984 (2017 Reissue Black Vinyl) LP NEW

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Bananaramas second album cemented the band as International pop superstars with no less than 5 hit singles and a Top 10 with Cruel Summer in both the UK & USA The album includes the singles: Cruel Summer, Rough Justice, King Of The Jungle, Hot Line To Heaven, Robert De Niros Waiting. Bananarama are often cited as the UKs most successful ever girl group with 5 UK singles and 10 top 10's. They were the girl group that defined the eighties with their run of pop hits which soundtracked the lives of fans around the world.

  •  Cruel Summer 3.35
  •  Rough Justice 5.04
  •  King of the Jungle 3.18
  •  Dream Baby 3.09
  •  Link 1.30
  •  Hot Line to Heaven 7.16
  •  State I'm in 2.45
  •  Robert de Niro's Waiting 3.42
  •  Through a Child's Eyes 3.39
  •  The Wild Life 3.54

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