Bananarama - True Confessions (GREEN VINYL) Import LP - New

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LP version on Green vinyl includes CD. Bananarama's third album True Confessions features the smash hit "Venus", which hit the top spot in the US on Billboard Hot 100. The track was a huge dance floor hit across Europe, South America and Asia. The album also includes the singles: "A Trick Of The Night", "Do Not Disturb", and "More Than Physical". 

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  • - side  1 -
  •  True Confessions
  •  Ready or Not
  •  A Trick of the Night
  •  Dance with a Stranger
  •  In a Perfect World
  • - side  2 -
  •  Venus
  •  Do Not Disturb
  •  Cut Above the Rest
  •  Promised Land
  •  More Than Physical
  •  Hooked on Love

$ 35.00

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