Lisa Hartman - Til My Heart Stops Beating (CD) Re-issue

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Lisa Hartman is known as a singer,  an actress and  the wife of country singer Clint Black. She has only issued a 4 albums over the years, but one of them, Til My Heart Stops, has been one of our most requested CDs to bring back to the fold. It was originally issued on Atlantic Records in 1987, her last studio album.

Digitally remastered in 2008 and already out of print and very collectible.

Factory sealed Official CD - low stock

  • star of TV and film : Knots Landing 

Track Listing
1. Tempt Me (If You Want To)
2. I Don't Need Love
3. I'm Satisfied Ooh
4. I Can't Get You out of My System
5. Tender Kiss
6. The Dress
7. How Many Rivers?
8. Imagination
9. 'Til My Heart Stops Beating




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