Madonna - CRAVE (Alternate cover art) Remix CD single version 2

borderline MUSIC

Compiled and pressed via a DJ service housed in a slim case w/ cover art. The Best and Hottest bootleg remixes!!! These mixes are Fierce! 

-   More remixed CD singles off of MADAME X available. 

2 Versions of the Cover Art to choose from - this is the colorized version. Note the remixes are the same - the single comes in 2 cover versions. 

12 remixes of CRAVE p
lus 5 bonus New Medellin remixes. 


1. David Michael Remix

2. Ray Isaac Club Mix

3. Craig Vanity vs Norvis  Mix

4. Rising Sun Remix

5. FUri Drums Greedy House Remix

6. Las Bibas from Vizcaya Club Remix

7. Dubtronic Extended Version

8. Leo Blanco Remix

9. Dario Xavier Radio Mix

10. Extended Club Mix

11. New Puzzle Remix

12. Avi Sic Remix


13. Sak Noel Remix

14. Las Bibas From Vizcaya Club Remix

15. FUri Drums Loco House Remix

16. Took A Pill Club Mix

17. Alan Capetillo & Macau Tribal Remix

$ 11.98

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