Abigail - Home....Again CD

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Abigail's album, ''Home ...again'' is a stunning collection of songs which express her deepest thoughts, feelings and observations. It delivers a breathtaking journey of love, loss and triumph that surveys a huge range of emotions and experiences. The title track of the album, a touching tribute to her grandfather penned shortly after his death; the hauntingly beautiful Songbird, written at a time of deep personal turmoil; and the proven radio hit Better With You, co-written with Dimitri Ehrlich who also co-wrote Moby's single Where You End all prove that Abigail Zsiga's (Better known as just ABIGAIL) authenticity is established by her principle that artistic creation establishes and maintains credibility.

Abigail is best know for your 90's club hits but has now taken on a new genre of acoustic music - Stunning vocals and songwriting. The CD is direct from Abigail - Chicago exclusive.


1. You Came

2. 90 Miles

3. Songbird

4. Better with You

5. It's Not Me 

6. Wide Open

7. Let it Go

8. Home Again

9. Pity the fool

10. Shine

11. Let the Joy Rise (acoustic) 


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