Adam Ant - Manners & Physique (Remastered & Expanded) Import CD

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Digitally remastered and UK expanded edition. Manners & Physique is the fourth solo album from Adam Ant. It was released by March 1990 by MCA Records. Ant is credited with writing or co-writing all the tracks on the album, mostly in partnership with guitarist Marco Pirroni or André Cymone, who is credited with playing "everything else". Adam himself later claimed that the album was styled after the bass heavy Minneapolis sound of which Cymone, in Ant's words, was "one of the architects". Although the album was recorded in 1989, six of the tracks were written in 1986. One of these, the Manners & Physique title track, featured lyrics from a 1986 composition, set to new music written by Cymone.


Room at the top

Rough Stuff

If you keep on 

Manners and Physique 

Can't set rules about love


Bright lights black leather


Young dumb and full of it 

Anger inc. 


Bruce Lee

Room at the top (US REMIX)

Rough Stuff (7" Edit of 12") 

Room at the top (House vocal) 

Rough Stuff (12" Vocal Remix) 




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