Darren Hayes (Savage Garden) - Secret Codes & Battleships CD

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Artist  Darren Hayes (Savage Garden)
 Title  Secret Codes & Battleships CD
 Region  IMPORT
 Price  $16.98



Standard edition. Darren's 4th Solo Release (Savage Garden fame). Highly Recommended.  NEW/ SEALED

 Track Listings
  1. Taken by the Sea
  2. "Don't Give Up"
  3. "Nearly Love"
  4. "Black Out the Sun"
  5. "Talk Talk Talk"
  6. "Bloodstained Heart"
  7. "God Walking Into the Room"
  8. "Hurt"
  9. "Roses"
  10. "Stupid Mistake"
  11. "Cruel Cruel World"
  12. "The Siren's Call"


$ 16.98

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