Kylie Minogue - Skirt - Import CD (DJ Pressing)

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Artist  Kylie Minogue
 Title  Skirt CD
 Region  IMPORT
 Price  $9.98


DJ compilation and pressing Promo single of Kylie's first unofficial release via Roc Nation. (DJ service - made by DJ's for Dj's)
 Track Listings
  1. Radio Edit
  2. Extended Mix
  3. Stop Me Shake Mix
  4. Matt Nevin Fix
  5. K and NDS Remix
  6. Hot Mouth Remix
  7. GTA Remix
  8. Switch Remix
  9. Matthew Dear Remix
  10. Mark Picciotti Nom De Mixshow
  11. Mark Picciotti Nom DeStrip Extended
  12. Mark Picciotti Nom De Strip Dub
  13. George M Dub Bootleg Mix

$ 9.98

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