Madonna vs Kylie (Standard Cover version) CD - DJ series

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DJ Aler.e.Go returns with MADONNA vs. KYLIE Minogue remix CD - continuously mixed as only he can do. 


SAMPLE the mixes here:

Please Note: All remixes are lifted from the original Remix CD singles- sound quality 'may' vary considering original source material. Please enjoy this exclusive mix made for your dancing pleasure!!


 1. Timebomb 1:06

2. Hung Up  2:53

3. Can't Get you out of my head (K&M's Mindprint Mix )4:51

4. Don't Tell Me (Tracy Young Club Mix) 4:24

5. In My Arms (Chris Lake remix vs Music - Mash-up) 5:18

6. Music (Late Dance Remix reprise) 5:52

7. Come Into My World (robbie rivera vs Ashtrax Mix) 5:27

8. Give it 2 me (Extended mix) 4:04

9. Better the devil you know (US MIX) 441

10. Borderline (Dubtronic lose my mind remix) 5:04

11. I Should Be So Lucky (The Bicentennial mix) 2:19

12. Express Yourself (Stop & Go Dubs) 5:06

13. Step Back In Time (Walkin' Rhythm Mix) 3:12

14. Vogue (ft: Kylie's Burning Up LIVE mix) 4:15

15. Slow (Original intro/radio slave mix) 7:15

16. Ray of Light ("Slow" Mash-up) 1:32

17. Bitch I'm Madonna (Sander Kleinenberg remix) 2:47

18. Celebration (Benny Benassi remix) 1:28

19. Your Disco Needs You (Almighty Club Mix) 2:58

20. Future Lovers/I Feel Love (Confession's Tour Mix vs Kylie's I Feel Love Reprise") 

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