Lady GaGa - Stupid Love CD Single (Artwork #1) Remixes

borderline MUSIC

Import DJ remix CD single tracks compiled and pressed via a DJ service.  Collection of the Official and Hot Unofficial Mixes. 

Cover art version #1 

(you get to choose what Cover Art you like) tracks on CD 1  & CD 2  will be the same. You get to choose the cover art you like best. 

House in slim case - 


1. Album version

2. Pink Panda Radio Edit

3. Pink Panda Remix

4. Liam Pfeifer Remix

5. Cosmic Dawn Remix

6. Craig Vanity vs Karrow Mix

7. JME-LFY Remix

8. Vitaclub Warehouse Mix


10. Pairplex Radio Remix

11. Carlos Martinez Remix

12. FUri Drums Alien House Club Remix

13. Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix 

14. Exile 80's Bootleg Remix

15. Sine From Above ft: Elton John (White Label BOOT Extended Club Remix) BONUS MIX 

$ 10.98

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