Madonna - American Life Deluxe Limited Edition Box CD -New / sealed



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US Limited Edition in white  'leather-esq' bound box - New sealed  PROMO 

Deluxe features Incudes: box,  fold-out poster, madonna stamps, Enhanced extra features, alternate disc artwork 

This Amazing CD~ includes 5 # 1 Billboard Club mixes + Nobody Knows Me #4 and Mother & Father #9 on Billboards dance chart !--- Sadly, people considered this CD a flop but did you know that it went to #1 on Billboard in 20 countries including the USA. She toured the world in sell out numbers and was 2004's highest-selling tour, she won Best live performance in the UK's 'grammy" style awards and Artist of the Century in 2004. SO if you didn't buy this Cd yet -- add this to your cart, you are gonna f*ckin' love it!


  1. American Life  #1
  2. Hollywood   #1
  3. I'm So Stupid
  4. Love Profusion   #1
  5. Nobody Knows Me #4
  6. Nothing Fails  #1
  7. Intervention
  8. X-Static Process
  9. Mother & Father  #9
  10. Die Another Day  #1
  11. Easy Ride 


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